The Supremesoft Access Control System has been designed to augment and compliment legacy systems with several goals in mind:

  Open Architecture



Supremesoft Access Control System (SACS) is a highly scalable security management solution for large enterprises. The system consists of hardware and software components running on Microsoft Windows 2003 Server and provides complete access control and advanced event monitoring functions.


  • Ideal solution for commercial and industrial applications
  • Advanced RFID and biometric technologies
  • Supports multiple sites with over 4,000 doors and 650,000 users
  • Control access by any combination of person, group, door, time, date and area
  • Temporary and future card activation and expiration
  • Manual and schedule lock and unlock function by door and area
  • Network accessible through LAN, WAN and VPN
  • XML messaging ready for ERP HR / Time and Attendance systems integration
  • Full audit trail and detail reports
  • Automatic log archive feature


  • Runs on Windows Server 2003 (supports both 32 and 64 bit versions)
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000, IBM DB2 and Oracle
  • Supports a wide range of proximity and biometric readers
  • Compatible with serial and Ethernet (TCP/IP) based readers

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